Mobile Commerce

Everyone uses apps, right? Apps oil the wheels of social engagement. They assist connections, they speed up transactions and they transport data seamlessly and insightfully. Whether you’re holiday shopping from your mobile, recording your latest training run or checking the football scores from your seat on the train, there’s an app for everything and everyone these days.

More importantly now, your employees use apps.
Your employees’ mobiles are full of lifestyle apps – just ask them. Downloading, sharing and upgrading, these guys are already trained up and will tell you in a heartbeat what they love and what they’d improve about the apps they use.


Your employees will connect and collaborate
So if you’re an organisation looking to innovate the ways in which your employees connect and collaborate, we can help. We can develop and set up your key mobile employees with bespoke Smartphone and Tablet productivity and collaboration apps that bridge the gap between standalone native App Store offerings and the desktop tools they use today.


All in the Cloud
And if you’re thinking of migrating some of these tools into the Cloud, Fuerte can help you dream up, design and implement these from a mobile first perspective. Microsoft Azure/Office 365, Google, – we can do it all and more, so dream big!


We cover all platforms
No more dusty old desktop programs, and zero compatibility issues. Our productivity apps work on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and HTML5 platforms. Which kind of covers it all.


We make apps that businesses love.


Delivering Innovative Mobile Solutions

In a world where everybody else is busy building apps, we deliver customer and employee experiences.